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Additional Information Kumho Solus 4S HA32

The Solus HA32 has been specially designed to suit all road conditions and offers excellent braking (15 percent up on that of its predecessor) and driving stability all the year-round. Its new cutting-edge compound and V-shaped pattern maximise driving performance on both wet and dry roads, while its three-dimensional interlocking sipes ensure equally impressive handling in the rain, slush and snow.


  • Greatly improved wet performance while maintaining snow performance and mileage
  • Balanced and constant performance all year-round
  • Enhanced snow performance


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed RatingWarranty MileageWarranty Type
2287363155/80R137922.8Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
2270753155/65R147521.9Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
2270763165/60R147521.8Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
2270773165/65R147922.4Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
2270793165/70R148523.1Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
2270813175/65R148223Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
2287373175/70R148823.6Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
2270843185/60R148222.7Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
2287383185/65R148623.5Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
2270783165/65R158123.4Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
2270803175/55R157722.6Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
2270823175/65R158424Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
2270833185/55R158623Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
2270853185/60R158823.7Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
2270863185/65R158824.5Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
2327603195/50R158222.7Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2270873195/50R158222.7Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
2270883195/55R158523.4Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
2270903195/60R158824.2Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
2270923195/65R159525Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2270913195/65R159125Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
2270973205/65R159925.5Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2287423185/55R168724Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2270893195/55R169124.4Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2287443205/45R168723.3Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2270943205/55R169124.9Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
2270953205/55R169424.9Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2270963205/60R169625.7Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2270993215/55R169725.3Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2271013215/60R169926.2Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2271023215/65R1610227Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2271053225/55R169925.7Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2270933205/45R178824.3Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2271093205/50R179325.1Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
2271073205/55R179525.9Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2270983215/45R179124.6Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2337923215/45R179124.6Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
2271103215/50R179525.5Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
2271003215/55R179826.3Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
2271113215/65R1710328Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2271033225/45R179425Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
2271043225/50R179825.9Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2271063225/55R1710126.7Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
2271083235/45R179725.3Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
2328763P235/45R179725.3Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
2328783225/40R189225.1Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
2271133225/40R189225.1Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
2271163225/45R189526Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
2328793225/45R189526Black SidewallY50k - 75kMileage
2271123225/55R1810227.7Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2289113235/55R1810428.2Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
2271143245/40R189725.7Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
2271153245/45R1810026.7Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage

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